Roll A Christmas Tree Printable Game

This is a popular activity from our Little Giraffes Gingerbread Theme Unit.

Students need a blank sheet of paper (or use the dotted template below). They work in small groups and take turns rolling a die to make a Christmas tree, including the top, the middle, the bottom, the tree trunk, the star on the top and at least 6 ornaments. The first one to finish drawing his tree is the winner!

This printable includes a pre-drawn dotted tree. This would be helpful for the students if they roll a 4, 5, or 6 before they’ve drawn the tree. It gives them a point of reference to draw their trunk, star and ornament.

If drawing the star is too difficult you might show them how to make an easier one. First make an X and then put a vertical line and horizontal line through the middle so it resembles a star (or snowflake).

Roll A Christmas Tree Printable Game


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