Learning About the Alphabet ABC Charts and Printables

Learning About the Alphabet Pack

Includes 114 printable alphabet pages in all.  All the resources consistently use the same illustration and word for each letter of the alphabet. All letters, from A to Z, are covered.

  • Student Alphabet Chart
    Reproduce this card as a writing reference for students, or for daily review. “Reading” the alphabet card is a common strategy used before conducting a guided reading group: “A, a, apple… /A/ /a/ apple, B, b, bat… /B/ /b/ bat, C, c, car… /C/ /c/ car,” etc.
  • Alphabet Chart Pages
    Assemble to make poster-sized chart (approximately 22″ x 30″)  Mount the pages on poster board, and laminate for durability. It can be used for whole group instruction like the Student Alphabet Chart is used for small group. My class would chant and read the Alphabet Chart every day. Students can take turns being the “pointer.”
  • ABC Cards
    These pages can be laminated for display in the classroom, or for use as full-size flashcards. Students could also create an ABC coloring book, but there are many possible uses… you decide! The ABC Cards pictured at the right were mounted on construction paper and laminated. The consonants are on black construction paper, and vowels are on red construction paper.
  • Alphabet Mini-Book
    Print and reproduce for students to use at home or school.
  • Alphabet Full-Sized Book
    Another version of the alphabet book with full-sized pages is included for use as a teacher’s example, or for individual students.