Alphabet Chart Printables

Classroom Alphabet Chart Printables

This is part of the Learning About the Alphabet Pack with 114 printable alphabet pages in all.  All the resources consistently use the same illustration and word for each letter of the alphabet. All letters, from A to Z, are covered.

Suggested use:  Use the cards to chant the alphabet in whole group or small groups (such as guided reading).  Chant  “A, a, apple; /A/, /a/, apple… B, b, bat; /B/ /b/ bat… etc. while pointing to each letter and picture.  Doing this daily helps reinforce letters and sounds.  The cards also can be used as a reference by students during reading & writing.

Student Alphabet Chart
8.5 x 11″
Reproduce this card as a writing reference for students, or for daily review. “Reading” the alphabet card is a common strategy used before conducting a guided reading group: “A, a, apple… /A/ /a/ apple, B, b, bat… /B/ /b/ bat, C, c, car… /C/ /c/ car,” etc.

BONUS: Smaller Student Alphabet Chart
4.25″ x 5.5″ (half sheet size)

In using this pack in my own classroom, I saw the need for a smaller abc card for students to use during writing time. So, I created one and added it to this pack as a special bonus. I printed these sheets on tagboard, and laminated them for the students to keep at their tables. The smaller size makes it easily accessible, and leaves more work space for writing time.

Small Student Alphabet Chart (PDF)

Alphabet Chart Pages
8.5″ x 11″ pages assemble to make poster-sized chart (approximately 22″ x 30″)

After printing the pages, trim pages to assemble a large chart.  It can be used for whole group instruction like the Student Alphabet Chart is used for small group. My class chants and reads the Alphabet Chart every day. Students can take turns being the “pointer.”


Arrange the pages so they resemble the Student Alphabet Card. There will be 4 rows with 2 pages in each row. The last row will have just Ww, Xx, Yy, and Zz, so the bottom half of the page will need to be cut off. After you have trimmed the pages so they line up attractively, you can mount them on poster board or some other sturdy material. Laminate for durability.

In this picture, I have outlined the vowels with a red dry-erase marker. The pages were mounted on green poster board.

ABC Chart Poster

Other resources that go with these alphabet charts: (coming soon)

Free Alphabet Chart Printables


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