Alphabet Phonograms Flashcards

Grade Level(s): K, 1-2
Description: Set of single & multiple phonograms including Assessment/Checklist for recording progress.

If the PDF does not load, you can download it here:
Alphabet Phonograms Flashcards

Notes for using the alphabet phonograms printable:

The number under the given phonogram indicates how many phonemes or sounds that that particular phonogram has.

  • Print out the alphabet phonograms.
  • Hold up each card and ask your child: What sound does the letter a say?
  • Place a tick on your checklist for each correct sound given.

Complete this with all the alphabet phonograms. This need take no longer than 5-10 mins every day. Introduce only a few phonograms at a time.

File & periodically test to see how they are progressing and see what phonograms need more revision. When a child knows most of the alphabet phonograms they can be introduced to the consonant and vowel phonograms.

Phonograms with multiple sounds take longer to learn than single phonograms. A child who knows from the beginning that the letter O has three possible sounds will not be discouraged that the first sound did not work. They have two other choices to try.

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