Alphabet Frieze – Classroom Display Cards

Large A4 size. Includes capital and lowercase letters. Clear graphics that begin with the letter sounds. Great for a classroom or home display.  Grade Level(s): K, 1-2

You can download the PDF here:
Alphabet Frieze

Printable alphabet cards suitable for display in your classroom, homeschool room, for alphabet activities, assembled into a book, and so much more.

  • Aa – An apple
  • Bb – Big bear
  • Cc – Candles cake
  • Dd -Darting dragonfly
  • Ee – Eddy Elephant
  • Ff – Floating fish
  • Gg- Garden gate
  • Hh – Hard hammer
  • Ii – Interesting insect
  • Jj – Jukebox jive
  • Kk – Keyboard keys
  • Ll – Licking lollipops
  • Mm – Munching mice
  • Nn – Nasty nails
  • Oo – Orange orange
  • Pp – Paint pot
  • Qq – Quilt quilt
  • Rr – Red rose
  • Ss – Smiling sun
  • Tt – Two tomatoes
  • Uu – Umbrella up
  • Vv – Vase violets
  • Ww – Wagon wheels
  • Xx – Axe axe
  • Yy – Yellow yarn
  • Zz – Buzzzzz

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