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Native American Rhymes Printable Resources

Native American Rhymes: Native American Alphabet This ebook includes rhymes about Native American groups for each letter of the alphabet. Each rhyme has simple facts about the group. Native American Rhymes: Native American Homes 16 pages. Homes include Teepe, Plank house, Longhouse, Pueblo, Grass house, Pit house, Chickee, Wattle and daub, Wigwam, Igloo, Hogan Native […]

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Teeth Printables for Let’s Talk Teeth Unit

Printable Pages for Let’s Talk Teeth Dental Health Unit: This unit includes both primary and intermediate activities for a dental health/teeth study. Types of Teeth – diagram shows the different types of teeth: incisors, canines, molars Tooth Book – Make a little book about teeth. The Tooth Fairy Came Last Night Poem – Read the poem and fill in the […]

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