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Going Bananas Missing Number Learning Center

Available in color or black & white. Directions: The monkeys have mixed up all the bananas! Help the monkeys put the bananas back in order by writing the correct number on the bananas. Common Core Standards: Mathematics > Kindergarten > Counting and Cardinality:  Know number names and the count sequence. Download the PDF here: Going […]

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Barrel of Monkeys Numbers 0 to 31

There are many uses for this barrel of monkeys! Manipulatives, calendar, learning centers, counting, or print multiple copies for matching, addition & subtraction problems, etc. There are blank cards included for you to add your own numbers or symbols. Barrel of Monkeys Numbers 0 to 31 (Black & White) or Barrel of Monkeys Numbers 0 […]

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Monkey Number Mats 1 to 10 with Banana Counters

Directions: Print the monkey mats and counters onto cardstock and laminate for durability. The center sign will guide the children in this fun activity. Print 2 sets of banana counters. A variation of this game is to print onto magnet paper and use on a cookie sheet. Student directions: Trace the number word with your […]

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