Green Eggs Math Mats for Counting, Addition, Subtraction

This free printable can be used as an activity or learning center to go along with reading Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.  It includes a math mat featuring a plate, and a set of green egg counters and yellow egg counters.  You can also download a black & white version, if you prefer.

Skills & Teaching Ideas


  • Students put a specified number of eggs on the plate.

Addition & Subtraction:

  • Students are given a number and have to create problems to represent it.  For instance, for 8, they could put 4 yellow eggs and 4 green eggs on the plate; or they could put 3 yellow eggs and 5 green eggs on the plate, etc.
  • Students are given an addition or subtraction problem to recreate on the plate.  For the problem 6+4, they could use 6 yellow eggs and 4 green eggs.  They could then determine that 6+4=10.  To continue on with subtraction in this example, the problem 10-6 or 10-4 could be demonstrated.

The are many possibilities!  For learning centers, the students could choose from a set of cards to determine what problems to show on their math mats.  I may post some ready-made cards for this later.  Types of cards could include numbers (for either counting eggs or creating math problems for that number) and math problems.

Green Eggs Math Mats for Counting, Addition and Subtraction or Black & White

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