Sheep Rhyme Printable

Sheep Rhyme Printable: You will also need to make a strip with beginning sounds like sh, b, k, d, w, j, st, sl. A 14” length is minimum. Some of the listed sounds listed may not fit on that length. Make sure you leave space at the start of the strip and extra room at the end so that it doesn’t pull all the way through. The end can also be folded so it stops itself.

Copy the sheep onto construction paper or tagboard. Cut slits along dotted lines in front of “eep.” Have child cut out sheep pattern and insert the strip. The child can then read each word by blending the beginning sound with the eep ending. I used this with kindergarten. Only a few of the children could insert the strip themselves, so they helped the others who could not. The words go along with the book, Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy Shaw.

Sheep Rhyming Printable

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