Alphabet Picture Lotto Printable Game

This is a delightful picture lotto board game for 1 to 4 players that encourages children to match up pictures.

  • Good for hand-eye coordination.
  • A great game to introduce before they learn the alphabet.
  • 4 printable lotto boards and 36 different picture tiles.
  • Really cute graphics.
  • Print on tagboard and laminate for durability.

Alphabet Picture Lotto (PDF)

Picture Lotto Instructions:

For 1 or more players.

  • Give each child a Lotto Board and place the picture tiles face down.
  • Take turns to turn over a picture tile.
  • If the picture tile does not match a picture on their Lotto Board, they put the picture tile back, face down.

Ideas for Extended Play:

  • Print out two sets of Picture Tiles to play Matching Pairs. (You may want to start with a few cards and build up to a larger number.)
  • Give your child some cut & glue practice by getting them to cut out the picture tiles and stick them on a lotto board.
  • Select one set of picture tiles and place them face up on a table.
  • Get your child to look at them and then ask them to cover their eyes while you take one away. See if they can guess which one is missing!


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